One thing Amanda and I have talked about on and off the show is how easy it is to hear about something and forget it. This is the government relies on to slip things by and mainstream media has no qualms doing. Well, we want to try our best to keep you guys informed if any of our past stories have an update.

In this segment, Amanda recaps four of our past stories and lets you know what has happened since we recorded them.

In our update for What Will Become of DACA?, Amanda tells us about the Omnibus bill and how the Democrats and Republicans are still failing these 800,000 people.

The update on the Yemen War Resolutionshe discusses how 10 Democratic senators helped table this bill that would essentially take the power out of one person’s hand to declare war and leave it in the House where it belongs.

Fight for Net Neutrality was our piece on how Ajit Pai’s FCC rolled back protections and what that could potentially mean for consumers and businesses. In our update, we discuss the Internet Alliance made between some companies and consumer groups to fight for the protections by bringing the case to court.

Our last segment updated, America’s Harvest Box, explains the 2019 proposed cuts to the SNAP budget and how this doesn’t hurt only recipients but businesses as well.

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Tomorrow we’ll be updating a few more stories for you and on Thursday we will be bringing you #MMT 101 so make sure you keep tuned.

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