Yesterday we brought you updates to some of our past stories and here are the rest.

Medicare Extra For All, was a segment we did a few weeks back on the Center For American’s Progress proposal for a new healthcare system that, you guessed it, will be more appealing to political donors and lobbyists who are trying to make a buck off the sick than the current plans for Medicare For All in the House and Senate. As an update, Amanda discusses Rep. Keith Ellison and others in Congress taking over the proposal already there.

In the next part of the segment, Amanda updates our impromptu story we covered last week on the Austin Bombings.

In the final part of this segment, Amanda revisits Let’s Talk About Russia, but instead of focusing on Russia, she relates a story of bots that come from Sally Albright, an American consultant that worked on getting Hillary elected in 2016. It has been recently documented that Ms. Albright bought these bots and used them to retweet for herself and certain accounts spreading propagandist messages hurting progressive policies.

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