The Abusive Marriage: Capitalism and The Degradation of Liberalism

In an issue of Foreign Policy titled, “Which World Are We Living In?” The cover shows a crane, one of those cheap arcade games that give children a false sense of hope before cheating them out of their parents’ money, poised over a collection of globes labeled “Realist,” “Warming,” “Liberal,” “Tribal,” “Tech,” and, surprisingly, “Marxist.” I could go on about how treating these philosophies as separate and not intertwined due to the complex nature of the relation of 7.5 billion...

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Ban The Ban: SC Dems Filibuster Drastic Abortion Bill

South Carolina Dems Filibuster Drastic Abortion Bill Spotlight South Carolina aims to highlight local progressive politicians, candidates, activists and events with an emphasis on how people can get involved in changing the world around them. Most people in South Carolina were asleep on a Wednesday night early in May, but the SC Senate was deep in the weeds of a filibuster against a bill to ban abortions in the state. On Wednesday, May 2, 2018, an abortion bill was read in the middle...

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Conspiracy Phobia: Defaming Real News by Linking It to Russia

Conspiracy phobia is being used to defame real news by linking it to Russia   If you think about the word conspiracy, it means any time two or more people collude to accomplish a task. By that definition, conspiracies happen in government every day. When you think about conspiracy theory, it generally refers to belief in some kind of secretive talk within the government, or peripheral organizations that influence the government, that excludes the populace, and may exclude members of the elected government,...

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Laying The Ghost Of Colonialism To Rest In Post-Apartheid South Africa

Laying The Ghost Of Colonialism To Rest In Post-Apartheid South Africa Julius Malema leads South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters party (EFF) and has pushed a proposal to amend the Constitution to allow the government to seize private land from white farmers. The plan is to reclaim land stolen during colonization and without compensating the descendants of colonizers. A quarter-century after apartheid, whites still own 70% of the land, down from 80% in 1994. The parliament is currently dominated by the center-left...

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black panther batman

Black Panther or Batman: Social Influence on Comic Book Heroes [Poll]

Black Panther vs. Batman: Social Influence on Comic Book Heroes With the rise of the Marvel movie universe, the comparison has been more and more made that Batman and Iron Man are counterparts, billionaire geniuses dedicated to making the world safer with their brains and tech. But examination will show that this is garbage. In fact, Batman shares more in common with Daredevil than Tony Stark (tragedy early in life, martial arts prowess, a home city they patrol, little points on...

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marijuana legalization

Does Marijuana Legalization Herald A Golden Age Or A Dystopia?

Does Marijuana Legalization Herald A Golden Age Or A Dystopia? California’s marijuana legalization is an incredible step towards fixing a lot of problems in the United States, specifically both reducing incarceration of nonviolent offenders and reducing violent crime within the US and abroad. It seems hopeful, with all but four states having legalized some form of marijuana, at least cannabidiol oil. Unfortunately, before these societal ills get better, they will likely get worse. Commentators are speculating that California will draw a lot...

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