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Progressives vs the Democrats

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of being mentored & trained by some of the most exceptional people in the world. Every experience was spiritually enriching and emotionally fulfilling. Every lesson, every moment, and every pearl of wisdom was valued beyond understanding. One of the greatest things I’ve learned is that real wisdom transcends the time and space in which it is acquired, and it stays with you always.

My Martial Arts teacher told me something that shapes my life every single day- socially, professionally, and in my chosen lane of activism. It was after a particularly grueling session of one-on-one training with my fellow students who were all much more advanced than I was. I knew the curriculum and was aware that two-on-one training was on the horizon. I asked my teacher if he had any advice for the next phase of my training. His advice was bullshit-free and direct. It was elegant. He said:

“Fight the guy in front of you.”

This was one of life’s “Ah Ha Moments.” A point when you know you heard something that you would carry forever, and still you don’t grasp the significance of it.

These seven words shape the focus of my advocacy and activism. My goal is to fight for a fairer society on a cleaner planet to leave to my children and their children. It may seem simplistic on the surface. That is part of the point. To accomplish this, I must broadly understand the field of play.

The rich and powerful have engineered a level of inequality that is crippling the planet and humanity. In the United States version of this hellscape, the government has been captured by millionaire and billionaire class. They have fully co-opted the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party on the Right. In the Center, the Democrats are the first line of defense for the Status Quo. Then on the Left is the rest of us.

In this landscape, the guy in front of me (us) is the Democratic Party. The party is completely ignoring the will of the people that are spelled out in nearly every reputable poll in the country. Only the will of the donors matter. Our legalized bribery system we call Campaign Finance renders us powerless.

The system has been gamed. The media is owned by a handful of corporations. Social Media and the internet are being corrupted. Public opinion is being molded by these forces to ignore the puppeteer. We are even being pushed to ignore the puppets’ roles in our increasingly unequal system. We are told to blame the poor & downtrodden.

We only have two arrows remaining in our political quiver to effect change before it is too late.:

  1. Shoe Leather Activism
  2. Primaries

That is it. We could argue that there are other paths. But, they all lead right back to these two points. Getting money out of politics and having alternative parties to the Democrats and GOP are goals we all share. However, these two parties are still the gatekeepers to the status quo, and they will continue throwing up roadblocks at every turn.

The Left MUST capture or co-opt one of these parties NOW. The Democratic Party is the only option. The current iteration of the Democrats is a rubber stamp, at worst and a doormat, at best. The GOP is getting closer and closer to having enough states to call a Constitutional Convention. The outcome of that could literally hasten human extinction.

We can’t wait for a third party to save us. It would actually take a coalition of several third parties to make a dent at the state & national level. As Draft Bernie learned, there is no national-level politician with a big enough following who is willing to try a third party run, at this time. In 2016, we had the two most reviled nominees to run for President in our history, and third parties only pulled down about 7% of votes at the top of the ticket. More eligibles chose not to vote, at all.



RT @_A__Dub: Democratic Party think tank quietly fighting push to restore net neutrality rules https://t.co/RtZAT3VZlb via @HuffPostPol


With that said, it would be cool to see Bernie flirt with a third party run, using Our Revolution as a party headquarters to run independents across the country.

The BEST part would be watching the Democratic Party drop to its knees to beg Bernie to run as a Democrat. Because that moment would spell doom for the party. (Cue Metallica- For Whom The Bell Tolls). But, no one could say he did not try to change the party back to the Party of the People. By 2030, the Dems would be no more. For better or worse.

In any event, we are not there. We most likely never will be. Just keep fighting!