How I Ended Up On a Date with a Trump Supporter

So I’ve been going through a rather shitty breakup and recently re-entered the dating pool. I happened to meet this guy when I went in to do my taxes, and damn he was hot, like stupid hot. The type of hot that makes any rational decisions and inhibitions go out the window. This is why when he asked me out to dinner, I, of course, said yes. Full disclosure: I’ve never actually been on a date, at least not as an...

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black panther batman

Black Panther or Batman: Social Influence on Comic Book Heroes [Poll]

Black Panther vs. Batman: Social Influence on Comic Book Heroes With the rise of the Marvel movie universe, the comparison has been more and more made that Batman and Iron Man are counterparts, billionaire geniuses dedicated to making the world safer with their brains and tech. But examination will show that this is garbage. In fact, Batman shares more in common with Daredevil than Tony Stark (tragedy early in life, martial arts prowess, a home city they patrol, little points on...

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The Enduring Destructive Legacy of Whiteness

The Enduring Destructive Legacy of Whiteness On February 14, 2018, America was left reeling from another bout of Whiteness based rage, yet again. Nikolas Cruz’s bullets ripped through Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. This tragic incident made the 19th school shooting to happen in the short 45 days of the new year. Whiteness and Mass Shootings “School Shooting” is just another sub-heading for mass shootings in America and most mass shootings in this country have two things in common: 1) white and 2)...

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