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Uber rider claims she was almost a victim of sex trafficking | @WineCellarMedia

Uber rider claims she was almost a victim of sex trafficking by @WineCellarMedia
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Emmy Hurley claimed she had a terrifying experience after ordering an Uber when she arrived in Tampa, Florida.

She hopped in the ride-share and Ms Hurley had no idea anything was amiss as they drove off. It wasn’t until she received a phone call from her actual Uber driver that she realised the mistake she had made.

“Last night I was picked up by an Uber. Same car, female driver. I MADE A MISTAKE,” the Facebook post read.

“I got in before checking, as she opened the back door for me from her seat.”

She said the woman she thought was her Uber driver drove around erratically for 10 minutes and didn’t speak to her when she got in the car.

Originally posted by The Black Podcast/Wine Cellar Media on 2019-02-25 03:37:58


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