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Wine Cellar Media Endorses Bernie Sanders For 2020 | @WineCellarMedia

Wine Cellar Media Endorses Bernie Sanders For 2020 by @WineCellarMedia
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Hey gang.
You see the title. That said, We’re clownin Imani Gandy, Bob Cesca And Tariq Nasheed all the way through.

Florida woman warns KKK will burn crosses for black deputy who arrested her, cops say

Tamla Horsford Was Suspiciously Murdered During A “Football Moms” Sleepover With 7 White Women & 3 White Men, No Charges Have Been Filed

JetBlue passenger kicked off flight, arrested for spitting on flyer, hitting crew member

5 Americans arrested in Haiti as violent protests continue

‘Our little brown rat’: first climate change-caused mammal extinction

Originally posted by The Black Podcast/Wine Cellar Media on 2019-02-20 00:58:25


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